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Spread the word: Romona Moore Legal Defense Fund

TRIGGER WARNING: Extreme violence

If this were like all of the other horrific crime stories that we’ve covered over the years, you would rant an rave about the unequitable treatment. We would whine and complain about Nancy Grace, the police, the Black Elite Establishment, and mourn the fact that the lives of Black women and girls aren’t valued in this country.

But Romona Moore’s case didn’t end with the conviction of her killers. Her mother didn’t just call out the NYPD for failing to investigate Romona’s dissappearance and working to undermine efforts to publicize her case, she sued them in federal court. Despite the legal odds being against her, Romona’s mother made it past the first legal burden, a federal judge gave the goahead for her to move forward against the NYPD for the “practice of not making a prompt investigation of missing-persons claims of African-Americans, while making a prompt investigation for white individuals.”

I just heard about this. Perhaps you just have too. There wasn’t even a tag for this case yet(that I’ve found). Please spread the word about this.

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